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Make Your Questions Count

Yesterday my 3 year old son heard Weezer’s cover of Africa on the radio and he asked an incredibly provocative question.

He said “Dada, did this guy really bless the rain or is he just singing about it?”

I told him that it was just someone singing about blessed rain, and he seemed slightly disappointed, so I asked him how he would ‘bless the rain’. He began fanning his arms up and down exclaiming ‘LIKE THIS!’.

Clever little fella.

I later shared his question and thoughts with all of the grandparents and later realized that he had inadvertently reminded me of an important lesson that I carry with me in practice at the board roam, networking, making new friends or while in a sales environment; and that’s the psychology of being memorable through the quality of your questions.

I used to think it was a sign of weakness or incompetence, but to the contrary, there’s very few better ways to express your engagement in a topic or conversation than to ask insightful questions. It’s a sign of understanding, curiosity, and intelligence, all of which help immensely in not only sales but also human connection.

Stay curious!