Transform Patient Communication 

with a Turnkey Call Solution

How Our Call Solution Works

Our turnkey call solution integrates with your existing systems to identify key use cases for patient phone calls, such as appointment reminders and billing.

We attempt to connect with the patient up to 8 times to deliver the required information, ensuring effective and reliable communication.


    • 📆 Custom pre-scripted appointment reminders, including date, time, and necessary materials
    • 📊 Advanced metrics for call tracking and performance insights
    • ⏱ Minimal time investment required
    • 📞 Live transfers upon request
    • 🌐 Exceptional English speakers
    • 🔒 All calls recorded for quality assurance


    • 💰 Budget-friendly (compared to traditional call centers @ $5-$12k per month)
    • 🤝 High-touch patient communication for meaningful patient engagement
    • 🤖 Automated patient outreach for efficient appointment reminders
    • 🏥 Decreased administrative burden, allowing your team to focus on patient-facing initiatives and prevent staff burnout


One-time payment of $30,000 for a full calendar year of service

Streamline patient outreach and reduce staff workload, all at a budget-friendly price