Subject Lines - Overrated - PLEASE READ - Polar Bears

Stop stressing out about your subject lines! If you've locked in your deliverability potential with a really solid and safe setup, you're already playing with the houses money. 
Use the following rules to craft your subject lines for success in cold email outreach: 
1) Brevity is king.  A lot of marketers fall in to the trap of having long descriptive subject lines. Not only do you risk getting truncated by some email clients (I believe the ideal character target is under 30), but sometimes you give away the farm by saying too much and allowing your target to make up their mind.
a) The last thing you want to do is sound like a marketer, HOWEVER, you have to deliver on whatever you state in the subject line...example, you don't want to say 'free puppies' and then talk about cybersecurity.  
2) Using company and or contact names in subject increase open rate, but...don't overdo it. Maybe use it in one email for the sequence or it becomes predictable.  Which leads me to my next point...
3) VARIANCE is queen to brevity's kingliness. You should have shorter (one word) subjects and longer ones, use first letter caps and then not...merge in contact name...and then don't. Email blindness comes from repetition.  We use this in the copy as well--making the emails aesthetically look different.  
4) Test with a control (the one you think is right) and then a wild variation that is polar opposite.  
I love polar bears, by the way. This factoid is your gift for reading the whole post! 😃