Cutting through the noise in sales


Sometimes we need to embrace absurdity in order to ground ourselves more in reality.

Working 3/4's of our lives is insane. I think we can all agree... 

The peculiarity of the universe we live just another day, planet, event, existence...

Did you know that it rains diamonds on Jupiter and Saturn?

How about that 10% of ALL of the photos ever taken were done so in the last 12 months?
weird sales
Both are facts and so absurd that you can't wrap your head around either.  

That's what professionalism and career-mindedness have become for most. I call it the GREY ZONE.

A crazy pseudo-existence that we are conditioned to be OK with.

Emails, Voicemails, Proposals, Linkedin, RFP's they are all in the grey zone of this conditioned career existence.  

We have trained ourselves to robotically tune most of it out (unless we need something right now).

How do you break through the GREY ZONE if you are selling a product?

Adventure, humor, fun and absurdity that 'can't possibly' be a part of the grey zone.

Remind someone what they used to be like as a normal non-corporate person.