Cold Call Giveaway

Step right up and get your cold calls! 

So you want some free cold calls, eh?  

Who wouldn't, right? Cold calls are the bulbous face of dread for most companies that historically haven't needed to hunt for business. Enter the swashbuckler...

There's no guarantee of an end result in business, a promotion, or more dates, but it will be fun to take on the challenge and in the process reveal an outbound strategy that can build your company a game changing prospecting game plan.

The rules for entry are simple:

1) Subscribe to my Youtube Chan  

2) Comment on the Giveaway Video what your 10 targeted calls would be

3) Chill for a bit. We're going to run for approx 3 weeks and then randomly select a winner!

The prize:

1) Simply provide a list of 10 call targets and I will beat them up over 3 cold calling sessions (1 per month) and be prepared for a brief strategy session to get a sense of what product, service, idea, solution, or sandwich I'll be cold pitching.  

2) The end goal can be what you make it.  If it's a sales pitch, a lunch meeting, an autograph on a football helmet...Make it weird, I'm game.  

3) I will record the calls and send the proof of the session. Feel free to use the calls in anyway you see fit: Take notes, remix it to EDM, find the subliminal messages.  I may reuse some highlights from it later on for promo purposes (bleeping out any identifying names, etc)

Feel free to whip me any questions below or on Youtube.