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At SalesEnable we build outbound selling programs that can increase the amount of leads your sales team can prospect by over 200%!

Our Process

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…

How do you earn your clients?

Build, manage and and source targets to generate new opportunities

Celebrate the sale(sssss)!

Our Clients

We like to play the field – and it shows in our diverse clientele!

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Who We Are

We’re just people that are a little bit scared, vulnerable, and needing connection. Does that sound like sales to you? It should. When you turn business development into a competition of formality and script-reading accuracy, everyone feels uncomfortable. So don’t do that.

Humanizing the sales process with creative copy and interest-level personalization is the equivalent of keeping everyone’s proverbial pants and shirts on.


Daniel Redman

CEO & Founder

Daniel Redman is a 17 year Sales and Marketing professional and 3x founder with one exit and one merger under his belt. His past startup and side hustle adventures have taken him to rare territory having been interviewed by and having developed growth strategies for Fortune 500 clients in the days when Myspace still reigned supreme. In March 2019, Daniel founded SalesEnable and aims to prove that startups catch fire when they embrace relationship building over scaled brute force selling through the use of modern automation tools and spicy copywriting.

Melissa Lucas

Production Director

Melissa has lived in the world of Sales & Marketing her entire professional career. She’s been an Account Executive in numerous industries including: Digital Advertising, HR Outsourcing, & Property Management Software. Often times feeling like just another number producing revenue for large corporations, she began to feel burnt out and made the decision to turn the corner into Marketing, with a company where she feels valued. Looking back, she wishes she had the tools SalesEnable provides, as it would have made her Sales positions much more lucrative! Melissa is now a Production Manager, overseeing clients’ automation campaigns, and ensuring their success. In her free time, she loves spending time outdoors with her friends & family and will never pass up a chance to pet a random dog.